Check Yourself: Marcus Thinks That If It Came Down to It, Brooke Valentine Could Drag Hazel

"Brooke would beat the breaks off this lil' girl."

Brooke and Marcus may be at odds at one another for now but that doesn’t stop him from admitting that his baby girl would wash Hazel in a fight any day.

In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Hazel and Chanel are feeling how cute they looked when they ran up on A1 and Marcus. Chanel looks a little lifted according to Marcus who feels the ladies preyed on A1 like he was food. Hazel gets real sassy in claiming that A1 low-key wants to be a part of her “blonde-tourage” because he already has the hair, the pearls, and the fresh mani. For the record: Chanel does make money from her music, but she makes a little more for her role on Ridiculousness. Also, she didn’t wear shades to be disrespectful to A1, she just has sensitive eyes. “Lil bitch,” “lil bih,” however Hazel tried to play Brooke, Marcus doesn’t care about any of that because he knows if it comes down to it, Brooke would win that fight. A1 has his money on Hazel, though. As far as who runs LA, no it’s not Natalie Nunn. According to Hazel, she does. Marcus doesn’t care if Hazel and A1 are bro and sis, as long as Mr. Bentley knows Miss E allegedly be lying.

Meanwhile, Bridget Kelly is living for Brooke’s blue-streaked hair but that’s about it. She’s aware she’s a bad liar when she told Brooke she hasn’t seen Marcus. (They definitely had a studio sesh.) Chanel fanning out for Fizz isn’t a good look to Bridget but she seems to be a fan of a shirtless Booby. Hazel agrees (and so do we.) Through all the shadiness, Hazel and Brooke do have something in common, style, but that’s about it. Hazel is tired of people lying on her age because she still looks bomb. And Bridget, Brooke needs for you to not start your s—t taumbout, y’all both arguing about a dude neither one of y’all are f—-ing.”

Sis does have a point though. Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, next Monday at 8/7c!

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