Fizz Tells Moniece He Wants Kam to Live With Him in this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Bonus Clip

"I just feel like until things can get a little more copacetic under one roof, it'd be best Kam like, spend nights with me."

Moniece and AD’s continuous arguments are taking a toll on Kam so much that Fizz needs to step in for the sake their son.

In this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood bonus clip, Fizz pays Moniece a visit under not-so-good circumstances because the night prior their son called him in tears. After hearing another argument between Moniece and her girlfriend AD, Kam’s phone call caused Fizz to take action. He understands Moniece’s relationship is new but bickering in front of Kam isn’t a good look. To remedy this situation until Moniece figures out her relationship, Fizz suggests that Kam spends the nights with him. The last thing Fizz wants to do is take anything away from Moneice. She can still take him to school and take him to practices, but at night, he just wants Kam home with him.

Mo understands but she doesn’t want her son to feel like he’s alone. Their relationship is so new that the triggers are yet to be identified and Moniece doesn’t even know how these arguments with AD start. She knows she’s living with someone who causes her to go off and unfortunately AD and Moniece are just unable to shut it down when Kam is around.

They all agreed that now is not the time to tell Kam that his mother is romantically involved with AD. If this continues, Moniece is just going to have to let the situation go because she cannot go through another depression from losing or hurting her son. She will figure this out with AD and will not ask Fizz for the overnights back until she’s able to not argue so much.

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