Take Notes: The Clapbacks from This Week’s Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Taught Us How to Respectfully Read Your Haters

If you can't read, then stay out the library.

Most of the time when people fight on Love & Hip Hop, it can be traced to one or two types of reads that started it all: someone adds the word “Hoe” to somebody’s name (Hoelexis, Hoesika, Hoeniece, Hoezel E, etc.) or calls the other person poor (this is mainly strategy mainly deployed by Hazel) and then drinks/fists/bags/you name it goes flying at someone else’s head an there’s a brawl. This week, something different happened: people relied in their wits and receipts and we could all learn a thing or two on how to silence our haters.

A1, Marcus and Bridget ruffled the feathers of Chanel West Coast and Hazel without calling anybody out of their name while also keeping it cute and staying calm.

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