Bonus Clip: Dr. Safaree Lends An Ear As Fizz Reveals His Latest Moniece Drama In A Man to Man Therapy Session

Sometimes the dating game is tew much!

If you’ve ever wondered what a male version of Waiting To Exhale might be like, look no further than this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood bonus clip starring your boys Fizz and Safaree.

Ladies, don’t believe the hype: men feel relationship woes just like we do. In Fizz’s case, he’s just trying to bask in the single life without being sucked into Moniece’s seemingly never-ending drama. He’s made it crystal clear that he’s all about his son and not at all here for whatever is brewing in her relationship with AD. Just when he let his guard down and agreed to model in AD’s photo shoot, Moneice and AD’s BFF Tiffany almost come to blows on set. Now, Fizz is once again left wondering why he always ends up in the mix when Moniece happens to pop off.

Safaree, on the other hand, is feeling a different kind of stress. According to the rapper, the average L.A. woman isn’t interested in much past material things. Every girl he’s shown interest in is looking for a sponsor and he’s not about to foot the bill. Sorry ladies, you need to be i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t if you want to take a wild ride on this “Safaree.”

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