Joseline Wasn’t So Stingy With The Kutty Kat: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap, Episode 410

No one drops a bomb on the Puerto Rican Princess because she "is the bomb."

Joc was couch surfing all around the ATL while Margeaux and Mimi sat down for a picnic but Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was all about the bomb that Jessica Dime dropped about Joseline and Stevie. Need a refresher?

Check our handy recap of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for all the ridiculous, memorable, and trill moments from episode 410!

  • Joc be drooling on the Frost’s sofa

    Since KD kicked him out Yung Joc is crashing with Rasheeda and Kirk.

  • Is that my Aunt Lori?

    But homegirl is getting too comfy and Rasheeda’s ready to tell KD to take his a– back.

  • A meeting about Mimi gets real “pedi”

    Dawn tries to convince Jessica Dime to drop Mimi as her manager so she can get her paid. Ya think she paid for those pedicures tho?

  • Real friends prevail on reality TV?

    Ariane and Mimi make up, get back to besties.

  • Kalenna seeks wisdom from the Yoda of the Love & Hip Hop world

    An emotional Kalenna says she just wants to be working on her music and can’t do that with Tony as her manager. Deb supports her.

  • Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids!

    Karlie gets mad gassed when Jessica reveals that she has licked Joseline’s kutty kat and Stevie said he would put a baby in her!

  • When you’re like, “Get yo’ man outta my house”

    Rasheeda tells Khadiyah, Joc’s “really sorry” and she needs her to get his a– out of her home because he’s drinking all of the OJ.

  • Margeaux brings her hand to Ariane’s picnic

    Margeaux and Mimi sit down for a picnic and Margeaux goes in on Mimi. “Why are you so focused on c–k?!” Oop.

  • KD puts Yung Joc on lockdown

    Joc apologizes to KD, gives her handcuffs to really discipline him. KD appreciates the efforts but isn’t letting him back home, yet.

  • Karlie opens Pandora’s Jessica’s Box

    Joseline confirms to Karlie that she’s had Jessica’s kutty kat but also that Jessica had hers and only because she paid her.

  • Tony fails Kalenna’s test

    Tony agrees to sign over his managerial duties over to Deb but Kalenna’s hot because she wanted her “husbandger” to fight for her. For shame, Tony.

  • When the Boosh bites her straw likes this tho

    Jessica meets Joseline at the studio but when the Puerto Rican Princess comes at you biting her straw likes this? You bettah watch out, Dimepiece.

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