Four Reasons Why Y’all Need To Leave Montia Sabbag, The Woman in the Kevin Hart Scandal, Alone

This woman is being subjected to a double standard, it's terrible and it needs to stop.

Three days ago, Montia Sabbag was an anonymous woman living a life that most people knew nothing about. But now that she’s in the thick of a cheating/sex/extortion scandal with a big time movie star, her business is out on front street and it doesn’t seem entirely fair. In the past few days, a slew of nasty headlines and comments on IG have dragged this woman in a way that is uncalled for. There’s a lot that we don’t know (like what happened between Kevin Hart and Montia or who’s behind the extortion) but until it’s been resolved, you know by the FBI (since they’re the ones actually on the case) it’s only fair to say that this whole thing is out of control.

In this video from Atlanta Exes, Kevin’s ex-wife Torrei gets emotional to CeeLo’s ex-wife Christina Johnson about the fallout of her relationship.

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