Why in the World Would AD Get Caught Up with Alexis Knowing Moniece Would Be Tight?

AD! I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you!

All season long, AD has been lovable and welcome addition to the cast because she’s super low-key and is always trying to defuse any mess that her boo, Moniece, finds herself in. But in the plot twist of the week, AD got caught up in some drama with none other than Ms. Alexis Skyy.

Frustrated after a fight with Moniece, AD goes out with Zell to blow off some steam at a club. When Alexis shows up, things get real flirty real quick. Alexis is says she likes girls, AD is giggling like a school girl and Zell says Alexis and AD look like Blacc Chyna and Justin Bieber. Next thing you know they’re on the dance floor and AD is smacking Alexis’ butt and Alexis is backing it back up like she’s doing it for the ’99 and the 2000.

*Insert face palm emoji* AD! What. Are. You. Doing. Sis? There are going to be consequences to this! Alexis and Moniece literally just squashed their beef, but that didn’t seem to stop anyone from what they were doing or egging this situation on. Alexis claims no loyalty to Moniece. AD just doesn’t seem to care this is going tomato Mo tight and Zell isn’t here for Moniece since she’s always trying to get him to talk to Misster Ray.

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