Check Yourself: Moniece’s Reaction As She Watches AD Dance With Alexis Skyy: “F–k ‘Em All Straight To Hell”

"Why don't you free her f----ng vagina?"

First AD is spotted hanging with Zell Swag in the club and then she starts flirting with Alexis Skyy. Two very valid reasons for why Moniece’s current mood is “f—k ’em all.”

In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Moniece is wondering why in the holy hell is AD not only chilling with Zell, but is spilling tea on all of their intimate relationship problems. Zell maintains he was just there to turn up, hence Alexis Skyy’s invitation. Although AD claims to not know Alexis dabbles in the wimmenz from time-to-time, Moniece knows that’s not true. As Misster Ray points out, “AD hanging out with Zell on top of flirting and dancing with Alexis Skyy in the club” is super sus. They can all “f—k one another straight to hell in an orgy-filled hand basket” as far as MoMo is concerned.

Oh, and when it comes to Hazel-E, Marcus says she’s lucky Brooke didn’t wash her during their public altercation. The Girl Code CEO continues to shade Brooke’s pockets while Mr. Black stands by his boo (?) stating she is au natural and Hazel is just hating.

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