Bonus Clip: Masika Remains Unbothered by Alexis Skyy, Is More Concerned About Lyrica’s “Mangy Mane”

"What is it? Is it khaki? "

Moniece and Masika are jokes and before getting to the problem that is Alexis Skyy, they clown the mess out of Lyrica Anderson.

In this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood bonus clip, Moniece brings Masika up to speed about what happened after the Alexis Skyy appreciation party. She admits that she hesitantly let bygones be bygones because Masika removed, Moniece has no direct problem with Alexis other than her Instagram-thuggin’. As she’s speaking, Masika’s “IDGAF blank stare” is piercing before she finally comments on Alexis saying she’s the only one with a problem.

The whole time all of this arguing has been going on, Masika feels that the real issue is Alexis wishing she had the life Ms. Kalysha has. They take about a twenty second pause to go in on Lyrica’s apparently “mangy” bundles before getting back to the matter at hand. They’re not sure if Lyrica’s ’do is yaki, slacky, khaki or even a burning bush perhaps? Anyway, a sit-down with Alexis would potentially be doable if she wasn’t so scared. Masika doesn’t know how much will get accomplished with Alexis constantly protected by body guards. Masika refuses to give Alexis or any of her followers any more shine though and it is for that reason chooses to just sashay away from the entire situation.

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