Sky of Black Ink Crew is Cheesing From Ear-to-Ear After Finally Reuniting With Her Son

"So Proud Of The Man You're Growing Into Young King."

After years of struggling with her decision to give her children up for adoption, Sky has finally found happiness in reuniting with her son.

Earlier today (9/25) the Black Ink Crew star shared a photo on Instagram expressing to her son just how proud she is of the man he’s becoming. In a multiple-photo series Sky captioned, “❤️So Proud Of The Man You’re Growing Into Young KinG ? #LoveYou #MySon” (Swipe right.)
This is absolutely beautiful seeing as how Sky has been battling with the thought of reconnecting with both of her sons after giving them up for adoption at a very young age. Last season, Sky was particularly emotional after missing yet another birthday. Although the adoption wasn’t closed, Sky revealed that she always knew where her children were but couldn’t find the courage to reach out to them. Great thing she did now because Sky is absolutely glowing rocking an “Eagle Mom” shirt.

Very dope. Just look at those smiles.

We’re hoping this is the beginning of a new relationship!

In this throwback Black Ink Crew clip, an extremely emotional Sky opens up about the relationship she has with her sons.

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