From Touring With Jay-Z to Her Grammy Award, Here Are 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bridget Kelly

She's young and hustle hungry!

Since her Love & Hip Hop Hollywood debut, fans have been on the “love her or hate her” fence when it comes to artist Bridget Kelly, but you’d be surprised to learn a few thangs about her.

I don’t know about no “auntie music” James was referring to, but her powerful voice has been blazing in the industry for years now. Her boyfriend is right to protect her reputation because Bridget has one worth defending. Did you know that Bridget regularly performed with Jay-Z at the peak of her career or that she landed a Grammy for collaborating with one of the world’s biggest pop star? “Pussy So Good” is a drastic leap, so get to know Bridget from her auntie days.

From this:

To this:

Yea, James may have a point.

In this week’s Check Yourself, Bridget shares her two cents on Brooke’s attempted fight with Hazel-E.

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