Sneak Peek: Zell Swag and Alexis Skyy Step in the Studio to Lay Down a Diss Track About Masika

"Zell, say no more. You know ya girl is always down to clown that silly ass rabbit, Hoesika."

You know in the rap game they say if you got beef you don’t talk about it, you rhyme about it. Although they may not be rappers, Alexis Skyy and Zell Swag decide it’s time to drop a diss track to let their voices be heard. The topic: Masika Kalysha… Again.

In the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood sneak peek, Zell puts Alexis on to his many talents, one of which is rapping. He proposes that Alexis teams up with him to drag Masika through the music. The hate is real which is why Alxis has zero issues jumping on the track and while she’s behind the mic, Misster Ray can catch the shade, too. The plan sounds all well and good but rapping isn’t as easy as it looks and Alexis finds out the hard way. Yea, she’s cute and all but even Zell needs to take a “oh lawd” pause to school Alexis on how to make sure the bars get deliverdt. He has it all in his iPhone notes so all shorty needs to do is flow. The second time around even the engineer agrees that it’s getting there. After nailing down something they can work with, Zell and Alexis twerk out to their nemesis’ diss record.

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