Alexis Skyy Confirms Pregnancy Rumors with a Message to Her Unborn Child

"I'm so in love with just knowing your growing every second."

For a couple of weeks now fans have been speculating whether or not Alexis Skyy was really pregnant but with a quick snap, she cleared everything right up.

In a screen grab captured by the Shade Room, Alexis Skyy shared with her Snap Chat fam a message to her unborn child. She penned,

Even though your so tiny.. & you haven’t fully grown yet!!! I’m so in love with just knowing your growing every second.. inside of me the feeling of my body changing everyday is beautiful.. even though I’m sick as a dog I I just pray your a healthy baby.. I promise to be the best mommy there is. ps to my little bundle of joy.
Alexis has yet to reveal who the father of her unborn child is but many have pretty strong guesses. She recently posted this photo flaunting her belly while indulging in an apparent pregnancy craving.
The Maury-question of “who is the father” is still up in the air, but days before the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion was filmed, season nemesis Masika Kalysha already had an answer.

Seems like Masika has 1738 guesses. Perhaps half-siblings are in the near future?

Welp, in due time we’ll find out for sure who the father is. In the meantime, congrats to Alexis on this exciting news!

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