Check Yourself: Everyone Has An Opinion When They Find Out Hazel Is The Butt Of The Joke In The Sperm-Count Bet

"That's like, whoever is the least amount of man gotta do this record with your girl right here."

Hazel is tired of Booby’s alleged lying and is ready and willing to pull out all the receipts proving that they definitely got it poppin’ in the bedroom.

In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, we see what the cast has to say about Alexis Skyy’s hater-blockers pool party. Zell immediately throws shade at Lyrica. Pettiness aside, Hazel is fed up that Booby won’t admit to allegedly having sex with her. Although he adamantly denies it, Hazel maintains that Gib is lying on his little soldier and she has no issue showing the world what really went down between the two of them. She agrees that he never f—ed her, she apparently f—-d him. For Hazel to say Booby’s assets were froze, Zell’s lie detector test determines that this is a lie because Daniel Booby Gibson stacks that coin, honey. Hello? As if the “humble yaself Hazel” bandwagon isn’t full enough, Bridget Kelly wants to see a bank statement or something because Hazel stays calling someone broke. Speaking of Bridget, Zell takes notice how spicy her chemistry is with Booby.

Even though everyone is not exactly a fan of Hazel, Bridget has to admit that the lowest sperm count contest was shady as f–k. Not Zell though. He thinks A1, Safaree, and Ray J’s joke directly reflect Hazel’s career to him, a joke.

Further West Coast, Chanel needs to take a moment to shout of Safaree because “New Bae” sounds like a hit. You know when Misster Ray comes on the screen, Zell’s pulls out his book to read. Zell maintains that he has no issues and if anyone does it’s Zell for hanging out with (insert disrespectful adjectives here) Masika. Chanel is wondering where she was at when these arguments starting brewing. In Ridiculousness fashion, Chanel is dying at “your plus one is revoked,” like that was cute Misster Ray but Lyrica is already in the function. TF?

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