In A New Interview, Ray J Takes Credit For The Breakfast Club’s Success, Says Beef With Kanye is Dead But Still Wants A Check From The “Famous” Video

"There's a bunch of checks for the f*ckery."

Ray J’s relationship with Kim Kardashian and his beef with her now husband Kanye West is far behind us. But he does have some thoughts on both topics and, because this is Ray J we’re talking about, they were entertaining AF.

Complex/Everyday Strugg

The Love & Hip Hop star sat down for an interview with Joe Budden’s Complex show Everyday Struggle and gave an earful about his portrayal in Kanye’s “Famous” video, the married life and why he chose to chill F out on reality TV. But first, the juicy part!

Contrary to what we thought, Ray J isn’t at all mad about Kanye West using a naked wax figure of him for his “Famous” video. In fact, he thinks its a work of art. “It’s all art,” Ray J says. “It’s all a part of whatever society has allowed us to do and be. You have to accept that.” Yet and still, the Scoot-E Bike creator thinks he should have gotten a check in the mail for the project. “Was it creative? Yeah. Was it over the top? Yeah. Did I get a check from it? No…At the end of the day it’s all love….that whole book is closed.”

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