“Mimi’s a G!” We Are Here For Moniece’s Grandmother Who Is Very Clear Why She Has No Use For A Man

"I want to be in total control of what I want to do, when I want to do it, and how I want to do it."

They say that the love between a grandmother and granddaughter is forever and this is proven by Moniece Slaughter’s latest Instagram posts.

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star has recently shared precious moments with her Meemaw where back-in-the-day stories of her civil rights struggles were told. In listening to these anecdotes, you can’t help but notice where Moniece gets her “not here for the bulls—t” attitude. Momo and company were thoroughly entertained as Mimi recounted a time where water fountains were segregated, bathrooms couldn’t be used, and panties needed not be worn.

Moniece is certainly blessed to have an amazing grandmother!

Like Mimi said, Moniece is not taking any bull from anyone and would rather be alone if she feels her time is wasted. In this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood clip, Moniece puts AD in the doghouse for oversharing with bestie Tiffany.

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