“Her Wig is Coming Off!” The Cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood All Agree Hazel Should’ve Sewn That Wig Down

"That face was down, that a--- was up, and that wig, honey, was flustered."

Jesus be a needle and thread because lawd knows Hazel should’ve secured that unit before pulling up to that scene. Masika had Hazel f—ked up.

In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Bridget is happy that she finally has her moment to showcase her talent. Moniece is all here for her milfy PIC, Masika, who does look quite snatched by the way. When Donatella asks Bridget to close the show, Brooke calls bulls–t because she feels Donatella is gassing Bridget a little too much. The moment Hazel comes on stage, Bridget already foresees a dragging while Marcus and A1 are eagerly anticipating one. Moniece can barely contain her excitement as she watches Hazel get flipped from off the stage. “Her wig is coming off” is pure hilarity from London’s own Donatella who isn’t accustomed to random brawls. While Hazel is all for girl code, Brooke needs to find out these guidelines because nothing seems empowering about the way Hazel moves.

Meanwhile, Bridget is feeling a way for not being invited to yet another Lyrica event. With Chanel on his arm, Solo is still unapologetic despite being told to leave the giggling rapper home. The frenemy-ship between Bridget and Brooke continues in speaking of the track Marcus gave Bridget. Although Brooke feels the song was given away, Bridget needs her homegirl to get all of the facts for. Marcus is supposed to be with Brooke who is mad at Bridget for going to Catalina with Booby and Solo Lucci is as confused as the rest of us. Lyrica also can’t keep up because their digs to one another are just so witty. It’s actually pretty impressive.

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