Bonus Clip: Masika Feels She is Zell’s Savior and He Should’ve Been Praising Her for Saving Him

"I helped you when you were hungry, I clothed you when you were naked."

It’s super funny to Masika how Zell flip-flopped sides while apparently knowing that she’s the one who blessed him with his entire life.

In this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood bonus clip, Masika catches Misster Ray and Moniece up on what went down at Donatella’s shoot. The same way Masika created Zell and his over-the-top personality she says she can delete him, which is actually why she had him lose his styling gig. The roasting quickly begins as Masika describes Zell’s overuse of jewelry and the grabbing of his junk while being big and bad. They all do their best Zell impressions and the winner is Misster Ray with the pelvic thrusting. In regards to his argument of loyalty, Masika quickly shuts that down and calls Zell out for making up excuses for the real reason of his treachery. Khari’s mommy catches the Holy Ghost in explaining how she saved Zell claiming that she is the Psalms and the Proverbs that transformed his entire existence, so he better act like he recognizes.

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