Ray J Feels Disrespected by J Boog’s Comments and is Ready to Square Up in the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Sneak

"If we do sit down and he disrespect me like he did last time, I'm f---ng the whole place up."

The last time the two of them sat with one another, someone was about to catch the fade. Now that Fizz has set up another meeting with J Boog about a B2K reunion, Ray J is going in with his guard up.

In the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood sneak peek, Ray J reveals to Safaree what went down at his Ray2K meeting. J Boog came in a little hot during their last encounter and the “One Wish” singer isn’t having it this time around. Fizz planned for the boys to meet once more to discuss the future of this mega group but if Ray feels disrespected again, he’s turning the whole place upside down. The voice of reason, Safaree, tells Ray to just let it go before springing some big time news on him. LA has been real but it’s time for the stuntman to head back to the 718 and he will soon throw a going away party to let everyone else know.

Hello Brooklyn, how you doing? Don’t miss the season finale of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, next Monday at 8/7!

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