Would You Cop Tickets to a “Ray2K” Show If It Actually Becomes a Thing?

Is this the reunion tour that no one asked for but everyone needed?

In last week’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Fizz had to call in the OG of boy band drama, Bobby Brown, for some advice. Fizz has been pushing for B2K to get back together, go on tour and collect these checks, but knew he was facing a major obstacle getting his bandmates on board. After he realized that getting Omarion was probably a dub, it was time for plan B: ask someone that’s never been in B2K — or any music group, for that matter — to join the tour. This seems questionable, especially considering that new addition is Ray J, who doesn’t really strike us as being cut out for the shared-spotlight life.

There are a few holes in this plan that probably need to be worked out:
1. Can you call it a reunion tour if only 50% of the group is going to participate?
2. Do you have to get the permission from those not involved?
3. Can you just replace half the group with someone that wasn’t associated with the group back in the day?
4. Do you sing B2K songs with Ray J or do y’all make new music?

Lot’s of questions need answers but in the event that Ray2K figures these kinks out and hits the road, would you rush to get tickets?

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