An Unimpressed Samantha Doesn’t Care For Mendeecees Birthday Message to Their Son, Says Yandy Wrote It

"It’s funny how Mendeecees and Yandy have these great post and captions (which we all know Yandy is writing and posting for him)..."

A birthday message is sweet and all but Mendeecees has a lot more work to do as a father, according to the mother of Lil’ Mendeecees, Samantha.

Over the weekend, Lil’ Mendeecees was blessed to celebrate another year and although his father wrote him a beautiful birthday message, Samantha sees right through it. The baby mama drama that has plagued season seven of Love & Hip Hop is still very much real. Yesterday (10/10) Samantha posted a message to Mendeecees in frustration of the alleged phoniness that is going on conveniently in time for season 8 of the franchise. She expresses that not only does she feel Yandy wrote the fervent message posted to Mendeecees’ account but that as a father in general, Mendeecees has dropped the ball because he allegedly has no communication with his son. She wrote,

In this throwback Love & Hip Hop clip, Samantha isn’t on the same page as Mendeecees when it comes to visits.

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