For Some Reason, This Fast Food Chain is Now Serving A Buffalo Wing Flavored Latte

Why, though?

Have you ever sipped on your morning latte and thought, “man, this can use some buffalo sauce for an extra kick”? Probably not. But it’s happening anyway. Yeah…seriously.

Canadian fast food chain Tim Horton’s announced today that they will be debuting their Buffalo Latte, a classic latte fused with buffalo flavor and dusted with “zesty buffalo seasoning.” Sadly, this unique concoction is only available to buffalo sauce enthusiasts in Upstate New York, as its a tribute to the wing hometown of Buffalo.

Despite what you might assume, the unlikely flavor combination isn’t as nauseating as you’d think. According to a reviewer at the Buffalo News, the the new specialty latte flavor is “surprisingly drinkable,” with “subtle heat that emerges at the end of each sip.” Not exactly as terrifying as dunking a hot wing in your morning coffee, but you get the point.

Even though folks have been waiting with baited breath for a new beverage to shake up the pumpkin spice latte hype, this isn’t exactly what they were hoping for. And as for reviews from brave first tasters…let’s just say the house is divided.

Disclaimer: chicken wings sold separately.

If you thought the idea of hot sauce flavored lattes was frightening, wait until you see Martha Stewart bring a corpse to the kitchen in this Martha & Snoop clip.

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