Toni Braxton and Birdman Marriage Rumors Are Happening and Twitter is a Mixed Bag of Reactions

These are too good.

Several gossip outlets have been reporting that legendary singer Toni Braxton and Cash Money head honcho Birdman secretly tied the knot. And because these two have always seemed like a random pairing from the beginning, folks on twitter had…questions.

A source told The Jasmine Brand that the two eloped and have kept their marriage on the DL in order to keep the public out of their business (can’t be mad at that!) “They don’t want anyone to know yet. They’re trying to keep it secret, just like their relationship. They tried for as long as they could to deny that they were actually together.” Toni’s sister Tamar certainly didn’t help quell the rumors when she referred to Birdman as her brother-in-law on The Wendy Williams Show.

Although Toni’s reps have confirmed to Us Weekly that the wedding rumors are false, it hasn’t stopped Twitter from showing their a** and venting their concerns.

The reactions to Mr. and Mrs. Birdman being a thing have been confused, supportive and everything in between.

But ultimately, everyone should be taking this approach.

Reality TV queen Tamar Braxton gives us tips on how to stay classy for the cameras.

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