No Joke, This Sexy Love & Hip Hop Security Guard Has More DMs Than Every Member of the Creep Squad Combined!

"Head of security/6"2 gawd of fineness!"

Many handsome men have graced our televisions from being on Love & Hip Hop, but this one sexy security guard is pulling in on the ladies, and he’s not even a cast member!

In this Love & Hip Hop:Dirty Little Secrets highlight we meet Christian Nguyen, the “fine, tall mother f—ing Asian guy that stays fly” on every set, according to OG Erica Mena and his DMs. MariahLynn and Jhonni Blaze cosign that, and even Yandy Smith has been taking notice to all of that fineness. Through all of the epic fights, we see Christian in the midst of it, making sure people’s scalps don’t come off when their weaves are pulled off. Out of everyone who rumbled throughout LHH history, Snoop and Self agree that no one had more drinks thrown on them than Christian.

When first approached to do the show, Christian had no idea what he was signing up for. Each cast member is completely different in personality and they all expel different tells on when they are about to start fighting. With little concern to his own pretty visage, Christian swarms in 100% of the time to make sure no one gets hurt.

That’s a stand up guy right there! Come back to New York with us for the premiere of Love & Hip Hop returning Monday October 30th at 8/7c! First, catch part two of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion, Monday at 8/7c!

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