Love & Hip Hop Newbie Anais is Striving to Be an Example for Young Women This Season

"Women compete too much instead of helping each other out."

Uptown is repping heavily on this season and up next is Dominican-born powerhouse Anais.

In this Love & Hip Hop web exclusive we meet Anais who has been hustling in the industry for a minute. As the 2005 winner of the Puerto Rican reality series Objetivo Fama, this soulful singer is not new to being on television. The first time around, she fought for her dreams in competing with other contestants for the number one spot. Now, she is living her dreams by showcasing her talent while sharing bits of her personal life. As a married woman, Anais is finding herself struggling between being domestic and being a star. Anais certainly seems interesting and as an open book this season, we will learn so much more.

The Bronx is showing out this year. Don’t miss the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Monday, October 30 at 8/7c!

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