Teyana Taylor FaceTiming With Janet Jackson Will Warm Your Heart and Wipe Away Your Monday Blues

When your idols come through for you in the clutch. ?

Teyana Taylor just received the surprise of a lifetime after thinking she lost her shot at finally getting to meet her idol, Janet Jackson.

The singer/actress was super stoked about attending Janet’s State of the World tour in Milwaukee, but was crushed when her delayed flight caused her to miss the show. Fans even recall seeing Tey break down in tears on Instagram Live over having to skip the show.

Oh, but look at God! The tears didn’t last long, since Janet’s people caught Tey’s tweet and quickly arranged a surprise FaceTime call from Janet herself.

Yes girl! Just when you think you’ve lost out, the universe comes through and makes your wildest dreams come true. A personal FaceTime call from Janet herself was way more personal than seeing Miss Jackson in among thousands of fans.

Janet shared a photo from their FaceTime call on Twitter, and as you can see, Teyana couldn’t believe her eyes.

If you know Teyana, then you know this encounter was a major deal for her. The dancer and incredible singer is an unapologetic stan for the “Rhythm Nation” singer, and even rocked a Janet-inspired look to the MTV Video Music Awards.

Don’t you love seeing stars transform into fans? How sweet of Janet to make this surprise happen. By the looks of things, this will not be their last encounter.

Teyana Taylor is a true student of the game. There’s no dancing around these questions when she goes for a perfect score in this hip hop trivia game.

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