ICYMI: Zell’s Surprise Attack Leaves a Sobbing Misster Ray Bloody While Alexis Skyy Finds The Whole Thing Hilarious

"He's not a good person. That was f---ed up."

There is nothing funny about Zell’s attack on Misster Ray and yet Alexis Skyy couldn’t stop laughing.

In this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood highlight, host Nina Parker proposes a truce between Zell Swag and Misster Ray. Now, Misster Ray clearly is not with the personal contact but he says the two can keep it cordial. As the audience prepares to witness hell freezing over, the “awws” turn to “OHs” when Zell hits Misster Ray with a spider-punch combo. Just like that, bye bye Zell. Backstage, a pregnant Alexis Skyy is in tears laughing while her ex Solo points out the obvious, that that was corny AF. The blows cause Misster Ray to shed blood and he takes out some frustration on A1 for Lyrica suggesting the hug in the first place. As the cast comforts Misster Ray for that wack ass sneak attack, Zell exits stage left.

A1 comforts Misster Ray in the dressing room, reiterating how disgusting that behavior was. Now that the reunion has reset to finish the scene, Misster Ray receives a standing ovation for coming back. From jump, Misster Ray knew Zell wasn’t sincere and Nina presses Alexis for laughing at the whole ordeal. Alexis adamantly claims that she did not find the assault funny but since she found a joke in that, Misster Ray can too laugh at Moniece allegedly snatching off Alexis’ wig.

Hollywood is a wrap but you don’t want to miss the season eight premiere of Love & Hip Hop, next Monday at 8/7c!

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