POLL: Which VH1 Star Will Be the One to Survive the Supernatural Shenanigans of Scared Famous?

Eva sent the H-B-I-C all the way h-o-m-e.

Tiffany “New York” Pollard was determined to see another day in the Scared Famous house
even though the house cornered her into the most recent Devil Elimination Challenge. She figured that taking out Eva would be easy since she took out another house fave, Drita a few weeks back.
Hell, even Eva thought Tiffany would win the voodoo challenge but after a neck and neck race, Eva won and returned to the house.

When the house went to go pay their respects to Tiffany’s grave, they got more than they bargained for when a long leg kicked its way out of a nearby grave. Turns out, that leg belongs to none other than Erica Mena. While Safaree was excited to see his boo back from the dead, the rest of the house looked like extras from a zombie movie. With Erica back, a few terrorizing clowns running around the house and news that there would be no more group challenges, the house was given a short period of time to vote someone in to the next challenge. After choosing Alaska, Redman tells Alaska that she has 30 seconds to pick an opponent or he’ll pick for her. Going against the Top Model Alliance, Alaska picks Safaree instead of Erica, making for a very interesting showdown.

While we have to wait until next week to see who wins the challenge, which roommate do you think will survive this whole terrifying ordeal? Let us know by voting below.

Check out this sneak peek of next week’s episode!

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