Watch Snoop Dogg Name the 5 Halloween Treats That Deserve Tricks in This Martha & Snoop Bonus Clip

Unc has some serious opinions on the worst treats.

Trick or treating is a right of passage for every kid on Halloween. It’s also a right of passage for parents who get to chow down on some candy once their kid is done going door-to-door begging for the good stuff. But that doesn’t mean that every treat is a good one. In fact, there are a few that Snoop Dogg feels are worthy of a trick.

So here they are, the Bottom Five Worst Halloween Treats.
5. Pennies
“Why don’t you hook me up with some cooper wire? Something I can sell for scrap. What the Hell am I supposed to do with this?”
4. A Cookie
Snoop’s rule is, “Unless you’re Martha Stewart” steer clear from handing out baked goods.
3. Raisins
The treat that “gets stuck in your teeth like candy, it just doesn’t taste as good.”
2. Apples
“What, you run out of raisins?”
1. Black Licorice
Snoop is “offended that something with ’black’ in the title can taste so awful.”

So if you were planning on handing any of these treats out on Halloween night, expect an egg or two thrown at your front door. It’s only fair.

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