Justin Timberlake Has Deceived You for Years by Never Introducing You to His Younger Brother Jonathan

Haven't you had enough of our attention, JT?

First Zac Efron, now Justin Timberlake? Guys, on behalf of everyone on the planet I kindly ask that you stop hiding your hot younger brothers from us. We’ve been through this before, it’s just selfish and not OK.

Nonetheless, let us formally introduce you JT’s 22-year-old half-brother Jonathan Timberlake.
Um yeah, he’s hot. Are you surprised? Mini JT has been hiding from us, but not for long. He’s making his debut as a music producer with a new project LIV.
But, friends, with all great news comes some bad. As of now, it looks like Jonathan is off the market.
But this won’t prevent us from staring at him.
Just a little longer.
Loving puppies and whatnot.
It’s cool, JT (Justin), we’ll just be over here like:
We see how it is.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.