Love & Hip Hop Newbie Brittney Taylor FKA Bri Beauty Is Striving to Change the Stigma That “Fake Is In” For Female Rappers

"It almost seems like 'fake is in.'"

In 2017 it almost seems like no one is authentic anymore but the newest addition to the Love & Hip Hop family, Brittney Taylor’s goal is to impress y’all by staying real at all times.

In this Love & Hip Hop web exclusive we’re introduced to Brittney, formerly known as Bri Beauty. This Queens-bred baddie is never taking no for an answer. Although residing in Long Island City, Brittney spent most of her days Uptown with the light-feet fellas who were always rapping. From there she linked with DJ Webstar, birthed the Swag Kids, made a record with Jim Jones and was basically taking over that era. Following a fallout with management, she went to Miami to begin a new chapter and everything changed from there. The spending became insane and Brittney found herself broke and can’t believe she found her way to Love & Hip Hop.

It ain’t the early 2000s anymore. Brittney feels this generation is type fraudulent and is planning on changing the mentality that “fake is in.” It’s rare that women collaborate with one another and that’s unfortunate. As a queen, Brittney is bossy and striving to prove that anything men can do, she can do better and there’s nothing wrong with uplifting other females. Get to know the funny, cute, and real Britney Taylor.

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