Is Selena Gomez Open to Doing a “Bad Blood” Sequel?

*Prays to the music gods for this to happen.*

The Internet lost its sā€”t when Taylor Swift recruited her gaggle of A-list besties for her “Bad Blood” music video, including Queen of Green Couches Selena Gomez. Even crazier is that Selena, one of T-Swift’s ride-or-die betches, plays the arch nemesis in the 4-minute clip. Wearing a banged-and-bobbed wig, SelGo betrays TayTay while they’re fighting crime, which launches an epic battle between the two hotties. It’s the type of Lady Gaga-esque cinematic fare begging for a sequel, but is Selena up to finishing the story?

“There’s so much that that video has left, ya know? I think, I even said to [Taylor], ’You should’ve added like 5 minutes, because it’s like a movie,'” she told us. “But I think that there could totally be room for it to grow. But I don’t know; that’s up to everyone involved.”

This 100 percent needs to happen. I’m having distinct fantasies of Selena recruiting Cara Delevingne and Zendaya onto her team, thus forming the fiercest Charlie’s Angels trio ever. But then Taylor uses her ability to literally make the WORLD LOVE HER to form some type of peace treaty. If you couldn’t tell, I’m available for treatment writing.

Check out the video above to learn more about what happened behind the scenes on the “Bad Blood” video set, including what yummy food Selena and Taylor ate while taking breaks from killing each other.