Sky Goes Off on Don Benjamin After Erica Mena Cooks Up Some Messiness in This Scared Famous Sneak Peek

"I'm going to f**king kill who ever puts me in!"

Sky is infamous for her turn ups on Black Ink Crew but clearly her Scared Famous housemate, Don Benjamin missed that memo.

After hearing Sky say that she wants to go home, Erica Mena decided to stir the pot by telling the other roommates that Sky wants leave because the house is making people do crazy things. While everyone is talking about her, Sky walks into the room and inquires about the elimination vote. As if things weren’t awkward enough, Don decides this is the opportune moment to confirm if the rumor about Sky wanting to quit is true. Umm, rookie move. Smh.

Sky went TF off on him for backstabbing her and ruining their alliance. Oh chile, this can’t end well.

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