Sneak Peek: Kat Tells Rachel She Messed Around With Ryan… More Than Once

"One thing led to another and we kind of like messed around."

Guilt has been weighing heavily on Kat’s heart but just as she’s about to reveal her truth to Rachel about Ryan, he comes along to shut the whole conversation down.

In the Black Ink Crew: Chicago sneak peek, Kat spills the beans about everything that went down with Ryan last summer. He apparently let his fellow 9 Mag artist know that he still has deep feelings for her but Kat felt the situation was all wrong. Aware that Ryan was trying to fix things with Rachel at that time, Kat moved to LA to distance herself from a potential love triangle. While living on the West Coast, he came back again on the same “let’s work this out” tip but Kat still curved him, according to her. Upon returning to Chicago for the lake house trip (you remember the bathroom) Kat admits the two did hook up. As Kat is expressing how remorseful she is, the rest of the crew is sweating to see Ryan come down with a red cup and walk on a mission. He cuts their heart-to-heart short to find out what these ladies possibly have to talk about. Upset Kat is even doing this, he takes Rachel TF out of there.

Yikes. This can’t be good. Don’t miss an all new Black Ink Crew: Chicago, next Wednesday at 9/8c!

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