“[He] Has Been Texting Me This Entire Time”: Kat Details Her Bad Romance With Ryan, Says He’s Been Trying to Get With Her While Still Dating Rachel

"Anytime I'm around you, you're going to get on that on the low."

Katrina has been trying to be a good girl out in LA but according to her, a certain 9 Mag owner from Chicago just doesn’t seem willing to let her go.

In this Black Ink Crew: Chicago highlight, Kat can no longer burden herself with this burning secret abut Ryan Henry. She pulls Charmaine and Danielle aside to get this out in the open. She finally divulges her side of this Katrina and Ryan love story which, according to her, began last summer. At that time, Kat was suspicious that he was trying to make things right with Rachel but Ryan denied it claiming his feelings were for Kat. Fast forward to the lake house, Kat admits the bathroom scene was a weak moment, one that made her eager to move to LA to get away. While on the West Coast, Kat started her new life with her new man but her old work Ryan was still hitting her up to let her know that it’s OK to come home. It wasn’t that easy for Kat as she explains that Ryan has never stopped reaching out to her that whole time. Peep Charmaine’s face.

No matter which way Kat flips it, Charmaine calls out Ryan for being effed up. The perfect “family man” image is fraud because according to what Kat is saying, Ryan isn’t ready to settle down with anyone.

In a different part of the resort, Ryan is enjoying a meal with his wifey Rachel who is thoroughly impressed with the man he’s become. She wouldn’t be in Cabo with him if she didn’t believe that but little does she know about the conversation the girls are having in the room. It kills Kat to look at Rachel in her eyes while this secret is being kept. What should Kat do? Well, her heart is telling her to be completely transparent with Rachel and Charmaine’s face reads, iffy idea.

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