Holy Body! This Spicy Video of Phor and His Girlfriend Nikki May Not Be Safe For Work

We're going to need to see the full video to this, you know, for research.

Lawd, we knew Phor’s girlfriend Nikki is shaped like an hour-glass but we had no idea she was working with all of this. Phew!

In this video posted to Nikki’s page “strictly PHOR Instagram,” the couple shares these sexy visuals to Phor’s verses on a rendition of Bryson Tiller’s single “Exchange” off of his debut album T R A P S O U L.
In the short snippet, Nikki is blessing us in all-black lingerie while having a lit night in the telly equipped with flowers, and liquor, and L’s, oh my! Take a minute to watch and hate on Phor a little bit for being so lucky because Nikki. Is. Bad!

Nikki doesn’t play when it comes to Phor. She was ready to go off on Cobra’s girl Velvet for twerking on her man in this highlight.

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