Tommie Lee Has Tammy Rivera in a Compromising Position That Has Us Like ?

Is your homegirl really your friend if she doesn't forcibly teach you new bedroom moves?

We know homegirls Tammy Rivera and Tommie Lee are always goofing off and in their latest antic, they are too adorable.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars shared their epic fail with Instagram in what appears to be an impromptu lesson on some bedroom moves. (Swipe left)
“This the last time I let @tommiee_ try to show me some new moves for waka ??? #SWIPELEFT”

Pure hilarity. We have many questions starting with: “Why is Tommie bending Tammy in half?” and “What move is this?” These two are so funny together.

You can’t truly have a sis if you can’t make your friend arch her body in ways it never has before to teach them new sex positions, to be honest. Now, that’s a dope friendship.

In this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta clip, Tammy gives Tommie some advice of her own on how to deal with women she’s not necessarily cool with.

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