Tiffany “New York” Pollard Wants to Feed the Ghost Twins Dinner, But Drita Ain’t Having It in This Scared Famous Sneak Peek

Looks like there won't be any seconds for New York.

Living in a house haunted by spirits should guarantee unity among those in the house that are still alive – unless we’re talking about Tiffany “New York” Pollard and Drita.

Drita’s been making sure that everyone is well-fed for their creepy challenges by cooking elaborate meals for the house and everyone loves Mama Drita. Alaska even went as far as calling Drita “The Mother Teresa of this household.” Still there is one holdout who is not buying into Mama Drita’s kindness. New York is convinced that Drita is just strategically buttering everyone up so she can stay in the game. So Tiffany wants to do something to throw Drita off of her game, and of course, decides that annoying her is the best way to do it. During a dinner, Tiffany suggests making a plate for the ghost twins and asks the roommates if they think the girls like peas and carrots. Drita is over New York being creepy and crazy so she walks away from the table, much to Tiffany’s pleasure. Is this the beginning of massive feud between two ladies that we know never back down from a fight? Watch the sneak peek to see where this goes.

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