Wait, Why Is Tiffany “New York” Pollard Cuddling With Yung Joc After Hooking Up With Safaree in a Bathroom?

Hol' up, give us the tea Safaree.

Since he arrived at the Scared Famous house, Safaree’s strategy has involved flirting with the women and NEVER wearing a shirt. This week, he decided to set his sights on one woman, well technically two. While trying to flirt with Erica Mena, she calls him out for messing around with Tiffany “New York” Pollard in the bathroom. Safaree denies anything happened and successfully shifted the conversation to Tiffany sliding into Yung Joc’s bed after whatever went down in the bathroom. Confused?

Basically, Safaree shot his shot at Erica and she blew up his entire spot with one single question: “New York…you was f–king her in the bathroom last night, weren’t you?” In an attempt to deflect (that was incredibly unsuccessful), Safaree tries to deny that anything happened at all. Unfortunately for Safaree and his master plan to seduce Erica use his strategy, Erica was outside the bathroom the night in question and heard some pretty suspicious stuff go down.

While everyone might be confused, Tiffany can hear the talk from the next room and she’s sitting there like…

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