We Made Khadiyah Say 5 Nice Things About Sina, Here’s What She Came Up With

"Oh. Five nice things I could say about Sina?"

Khadiyah Lewis has a complicated relationship with Yung Joc’s twin daughters’ mother Sina but when forced to say something nice things about “Baby Mom #4” what would Sina say? VH1 chatted with KD about her real life relationships with all her boo’s baby moms and made her say five positive things about Sina, and well, she almost got there.

We saw the way you were greeted at the meetings of the moms this season but what is your relationship really like with Joc’s other baby mamas?
Khadiyah: My relationship with Joc’s other baby mamas, mothers of his children, exes, whatever title you would like to give them: with the first one [Fatimah], we’re on good terms. She has a beautiful son by him and he’s growing up. He looks a lot like his father and acts a lot like his father. With the second one [Alex], which was his wife and currently his ex-wife, we have a good relationship as well. She has three beautiful children by him and I love them to death. Number three [Carla], we are not in communication. She’s not willing to be in communication with me and that’s not by my choice, it’s by her choice. Number four [Sina], she just wishes I would leave, but I’m not leaving anytime soon and Joc lives in Khadiyah’s world and Khadiyah lives in Joc’s world and you’re just on the side.

Were Sina and Joc ever serious? There seems to be confusion as to what they were before she got pregnant.
Joc and Sina were never as serious as she in her self-conscious wants to believe that they were. Sina started out as a very good friend. She moved on to booty call status. Congratulations! After that, she reached her final goal which was baby mama status and that’s where she is and where she’ll stay, baby mama number four, congratulations. Everybody, we should give her an award, she should have a coconut smile. She got where she needed to be.

What are five nice positive things you could say about Sina?
Oh. Five nice positive things I could say about Sina? Number one, she was a good friend to Joc for a number of years. Number two, she was there for him in a vulnerable time when he needed support. Number three, she helped create two beautiful twin little girls. Number four, she takes time to raise those beautiful little girls every day, all day. Number five…I don’t have one.

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