Wayment, Did Rachel and Ryan Really Attack the Black Ink Crew: Chicago Production Team?

"This [guy] is swinging at production."

Ryan feels the camera crew played him for allowing Kat to have this very telling sit down with Rachel, now the couple is throwing hands and items at production.

In this Black Ink Crew: Chicago highlight, Ryan gets Rachel TF out of dodge because he’s not feeling what Katrina is doing. Kat explains that her back was against the wall and she had no choice but to tell Rachel everything. Ryan takes his girl and dips and the whole 9Mag team is dead silent. Charmaine pulls Kat aside to talk about the conversation she just had with Rachel. As Kat is explaining the need to share this secret, Rachel is telling the cameras to stop following her. The convo stops abruptly because the gang thinks Rachel is going off on Ryan but little do they know that bigger things are happening.

Rachel and Ryan yell at a producer, Rasheed, claiming that he set them up to play up their drama. Rasheed insists that he had no idea why Kat wanted to speak to Rachel. His job was simply to capture the moments. Not believing a word they’re saying, Ryan swings at production, broken arm and all, while Rachel is hurling whatever she can at them. To Kat, all this yelling and carrying on is proving just how guilty Ryan is. She feels he needs to just man up, own up to what happened, and be a man about it.

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