Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian Took Their Daughter to see Thor: Ragarok And Proved Once Again That They’re the Cutest Family

"Thor: Ragnarok is a family affair."

Alexis Ohanian Jr. is two months old, but sis is already living the life. While we know Serena Williams as one of the greatest athletes of all time and Alexis Ohanian Sr. as a Start Up guru, to baby Alexis, they’re just mom and dad. Even though her parents are busy changing the world, they make time for family just like the rest of us.

Yesterday they went on a family outing to see Thor: Ragnarok and everything about it just warmed our cold, cold hearts.
First of all, how freaking cute is that it they call her Junior? Alexis Sr. rented out the whole theater for family and the squad, so that a tired Serena could enjoy the movie with their daughter. For her trip to the movies, she’s Thor-swag ready with her own mini Mjolnir Hammer. Her parents ask if she’s ready to watch the movie and honestly, she looks like she’s about to get some prime nap time in. But being cautious first-time parents, “safety first” is the theme with her noise-canceling earphones and the plans to cover her eyes during all the violence. Even though “Thor is [her] mother’s other man,” Alexis Sr. isn’t threatened because “[Thor]’s not that tall.” Turns out Serena is the one who knocked out during the movie.

Serena and Alexis, adopt me please because your family is too freaking cute.

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