Making The Band‘s Day26 Just Blessed Their Fans With A Brand New Single, “4 Shots”

It's about time!

Day26 just delivered on their promise to follow up their 10-year anniversary with some brand new material for their loyal fans. Yes, that’s right…Day26 is back with a new single called “4 Shots”, which is bound to be your next favorite pregame anthem.

The song is a classic tale of getting your life in the club, indulging in a few drinks, and ending the night with a baddie on your arm. But what makes the song so special is the chemistry and harmony that only these 5 crooners effortlessly pull off together.

The Making The Band-approved singing group kicked off their 10-year anniversary with two-consecutive sold out shows at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. The appetite for a Day26 comeback grew so rapidly, the tour traveled all the way to the West Coast and was later followed by an exclusive listening party for a select group of fans.

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