Drake Posed For a Selfie With This Stranger Things Star and We’re Super Jealous

World stop!

By Jasmine Washington

As if Drake’s lyrics aren’t relatable enough, the rapper recently proved that like most of us, he binge watches Netflix series. The More Life emcee posed for a picture with Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown on Friday (Nov 10) and we cannot deal!
Revealing just how much he knows about the series and Brown’s character, Eleven, Drake flexed in her trademark “using my powers to move things with my mind” pose. He even captioned the pic, “Hawkins Very Own.”
The teen sensation took to IG sharing her own pic with Drake beaming, “this guy… ❤️.”

Could this adorable photo opp turn into a collaboration with Drake and Brown, who has showed off her rapping skills as she recently hit the late night television circuit? Only time will tell!

Kid stars talk about growing up on television, the practice needed for their first on-screen kiss, and the awkwardness of the whole situation.

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