The “Jealous Little Weirdo” Tiffany Did Something That Could Help Everyone in the Scared Famous House Except Drita

"You know the age old saying: Hell hath no furry like a woman from Staten Island scorned."

Anytime the entire house of Scared Famous is in a single room, there’s going to be a lot going on and it’s probably going to be overwhelming. But a house meeting for Tiffany “New York” Pollard to pick her opponent for the Devil Jeopardy challenge is the epitome of PEAK stress.

Quite literally fashionably late to the meeting, Alaska shuffled into the house meeting with her face beat to ensure that if she was going to be nominated, she looked flawless when it happened. Unfortunately, Tiffany wasn’t thinking about Alaska’s contouring magic and told the RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars diva to sit her ass down. Tiffany started a speech like the HBIC that we all know her to be: “I’m glad that the majority of the house decided to snuff me.” While it sounded more like a line from The Godfather, Tiffany’s monologue let the whole house know that they were being played. Hating Loving to be the bearer of bad news, Tiffany let errybody know that she was going to face Drita “Mama Bear” D’Avanzo in the Devil Jeopardy challenge and eliminate their leader.

Considering that Drita and Tiffany have beef, everyone sat there expecting the situation to escalate to scary levels. But there was something else at play here. Since Sky knows everyone loves and respects Drita, she sees the silver lining in having Tiffany, the “little jealous weirdo,” do the dirty work of sending the untouchable Mob Wives star home.

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