Drake Transformed Into the “Hero Papi” We All Need When He Saw Women Being Harassed at His Show

Hero Papi for the win!

Make no mistake about it: Drake will not tolerate sexual harassment or assault of any kind at his shows. As a matter of fact…try it, and you might just feel the wrath of the 6 God.

The More Life rapper is in currently on tour in Sydney, Australia and during a performance at his after-party, he spotted a fan getting a little too frisky with some women in the crowd. Drizzy cut the music and threatened to beat the breaks off the guy for being inappropriate.

“If you don’t stop touching girls imma come out there and f*ck you up,” Drake warned the groper in question. The crowd roared in applause as their fave put the groper on blast…an action that should always be taken when you’ve witnessed to sexual harassment.
As the sexual assault allegations against Hollywood’s elite keep piling up by the day, we’ve heard terrifying stories from stars who have been assaulted and countless others who sat idly by and did nothing to stop it. In a sea of cowardly spectators, it’s refreshing to see a celebrity check this kind of inappropriate behavior at the door. Not all heroes wear capes!

Drake, keep up the good work.

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