Sneak Peek: Anais Decides Her Marriage is Over So Now’s The Time To Seduce Rich

"My marriage to Ruben can barely be called a marriage anymore and when a girl sees something she likes, why not go for it?"

A divorce may not be finalized on paper, but Anais is already over her husband, Ruben, and ready to move on with Richie D.

In the Love & Hip Hop sneak peek, Anais is relieved that she is finally on the same page with Navarro and Ashley. Although they’re cool for now, Anais needs to secure the bag and that means looking into other management. Surprise! She meets up with Rich Dollaz who immediately brings up the sexual tension from their last encounter. This Creep Squad general is taken aback when the singer starts getting extra flirtatious with him once again. He doesn’t know what to do with all of that. The two aren’t technically working together so there is no mixing business with pleasure but Anais is making things really sticky. She definitely still has a husband. While discussing “stealing artists,” Anais is disappointed that Rich isn’t trying to snag her from Navarro.

She may be married but that situation has ran it’s course and Anais is on to the next. The conversation gets flurried with kisses and whispers of freaky things they want to do with one another, too R-rated for the cameras. They decide to go upstairs for a private drink and to do some grown folks things.

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