Safaree’s Love For Erica Mena is Put to the Test in This Scared Famous Sneak Peek

This relationship is under water and running out of time, literally.

Small spaces quickly filling up with water is a real life nightmare that’s become a reality for two of our fave Scared Famous contestants. In the upcoming Devil Jeopardy challenge, Safaree must face his crush a.k.a “future baby mama” Erica Mena in an elimination challenge that is sure to stress you out.

We all know Safaree is a lover not a fighter, but he is now in the awkward position of having to compete against the woman he loves in order to stay alive in the competition. If you’re wondering how they both ended up in the latest elimination round, well let’s just say that Sky is no fan of this “Love & Hip Hop union. But there is little time for Safaree and Erica to ponder Sky’s petty purpose, considering they are both standing inside narrow tanks that are slowly filling up with water. Scary AF. To win the challenge they must find plugs on the bottom of the tank to stop the water from flowing in. Safaree doesn’t like small spaces and Erica is scared of water, so this is probably going to be a close one.

Tune into a new episode of Scared Famous next Monday at 9/8c to see who wins this challenge, and who gets sent home.

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