Oh No Baby, What is You Doing? Alaska Might Need an Exorcism in This Scared Famous Highlight


Alaska, what is the problem sis? On last night’s episode of Scared Famous Alaska wasn’t looking too well and instead of trying to call a doctor the roommates were thinking about calling a priest.

While watching Drita cuss out Tiffany “New York” Pollard in her farewell video, Alaska is in the back coughing and dabbing her forehead with a little hanky. No one is paying her any mind until the cough is non-stop and she says she’s freezing. Don Benjamin can’t understand cause he actually thinks the room is hot as hell. Always on the look out for evil, Tiffany thinks Alaska might be possessed, but the team’s resident spirit-caller does not have the time to be surrounded by demons at the moment. When Alaska falls to the floor, vomits up blood, and starts speaking in a weird voice with black eyes, that is all too much for New York who is bopping around screaming. Watch the highlight above to see how the roommates handle this wild situation.

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