6 Things You Didn’t Know About Mimi Faust

You didn't know this ish about Mimi!

You think you know Mimi Faust huh? You might think after having your partner cheat on you on TV and having a sex tape “leak” all your secrets were out but you thought wrong.

We’ve dug up some great facts about the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star that you may not have known, like her early music videos days, her famous BFF, and her escape from the Church of Scientology. Yup.

  1. She escaped the Church of Scientology

    In season one, Mimi revealed that her mother essentially abandoned her and her siblings when she joined Scientology. In an in depth interview with The Village Voice, Mimi explained in detail that she had to flee the church. She said, “At 13, they told me that I was a freeloader. I was eating their food and staying in their facility. They told me I either needed to sign a billion-year contract or I had to leave.”

  2. She was roommates with Claudia Jordan in the ’90s

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    Mimi shared an apartment with the Real Housewives of Atlanta star in the early ’90s in Los Angeles. They were even almost arrested together once. They still remain besties.

  3. Mimi breastfed Eva for three years!

    Mimi got breast implants to give herself a “mommy makeover” after breastfeeding for three years. Mimi told VH1’s Liz Black why she made the choice to breastfeed for so long: “My daughter wouldn’t eat, all she wanted was breast milk. She was really adamant about not eating baby food, she just wanted breast milk. I wish I would have brought my Flip Cam, I have video of when I tried to feed her baby food. She was like ‘Nope, I’m not eating that!’ But when she grew in teeth and was, you know, asking for it, I said enough is enough. When you’re asking for the boob…yeah.”

  4. She appeared in Pharrell’s “Frontin'” music video

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    Mimi takes a lot of hits for trying to be a music manager now but she has roots in the business! She appeared in the video for Pharrell’s solo single in 2003 as a girl at a party.